Sinharaja Rain Forest Sri Lanka

Trekking Trips in Sinharaja Rain Forest

Two nights rain forest experience at Sinharaja rain forest eco lodge

02 Nights

It is our personal opinion that Sinharaja rain forest better explored by staying at Sinharaja Rain Forest Eco Lodge because at this end of the forest is least visited by the commercial tourists. So Deniyaya side.

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Trek through the Country side

Starting time 6 AM from the Bentota by public transport (Bus) for about 35-40 km to reach a village in the Singharaja Forest area. Approximately 2 ½ hours of walk through the natural rocky path, surrounded by colorful range of mountains covered with indigenous and endemic plants and fauna of this Paradise Island.

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Little Adam’s Peak, village and brief garden by Cycle

Start at 7 Am from Bentota and cross the Bentota-River on ferry and enter the country side passing through and experience the best of Sri Lankan lifestyle, paddy fields, farmers, birds, animals like water-buffalos. Thereafter climb a rock for about 45 minutes to arrive at the top where an old temple with a Beautiful view awaits! Villages call this Little Adam’s Peak.

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Trekking trip to Weligalpoththa Buddhist Monastery

The journey will start at the dawn of the day, the initial 25 kms of our outing travelling in a Tuk-Tuk. There onwards, we will begin to set on foot, a trekking that will last for 2 hours or so, through a jungle path passing a remote village.

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Cycling and Trekking trip to Kalupahana Buddhist Monastery

This is a trip to a Buddhist Monastery placed on top of a rock. We will arrive at the destination by Bicycles and start ascending the rock enjoying many great views. We will stop at certain points to enjoy and appreciate the scenery. These Buddhist Monasteries are set up differently to that of other general Buddhist temples.

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